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Leveraging a Personal Brand: James Dayhuff on How He Accelerated His Career using LinkedIn


James Dayhuff, a Technical Program Manager, overcame job loss through a strong LinkedIn presence. He underlines visibility and competency as career growth essentials and states that consistent LinkedIn engagement leads to a cascade of positive outcomes. His success relied on social media tools like Simplified and Buffer, and AI tools like ChatGPT for his role as a TPM. He urges others to prioritize action and outcomes over staying in their lane and credits personal branding on LinkedIn with heightened confidence and career control.


  • The role of a technical program manager in driving the scaled execution of strategically important initiatives

  • The importance and impact of leverage in advancing a career

  • Different types of leverage and media leverage on LinkedIn advance a career

  • How James leverage social networks to amplify career trajectory

  • The mindset shift needed to truly leverage LinkedIn for personal branding

  • Concept of leverage in general and personal branding on LinkedIn as a form of media or audience leverage for career progression and resilience

  • How AI can act as an accelerant in professional roles

  • How AI has been used to improve professional output and performance by quickly climbing the learning curve in transitioning to new technical domains

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