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Cultivating Success in Wine: Relationships, AI, and E-commerce Insights with Agent Cru

Addison Rex aka Agent Cru , CEO of Wine Spies, shares his journey from the family winery to the technology-driven e-commerce company. He discusses the unique brand of Wine Spies and their daily flash sale model. Agent Cru highlights the importance of building custom features to differentiate their business and the decision-making process of building vs buying technology solutions. He also emphasizes the role of relationships in his journey and the significance of authenticity and kindness in business interactions. In this conversation, Agent Cru shares insights on building relationships with empathy and the power of validation and empathy in business. They discuss the importance of taking a non-transactional attitude and investing in relationships for future success. The conversation also explores the value of making proactive deposits and developing the habit of adding value to relationships. Agent Cru highlights the impact of AI on the wine industry and the challenges of AI-generated content. They emphasize the need to make wine approachable and enjoyable for everyone.


  • Wine Spies is a unique e-commerce company that features a different wine on their site every 24 hours.

  • Building custom features has been a key factor in Wine Spies' success and differentiation in the market.

  • The decision to build vs buy technology solutions depends on whether it creates a meaningful competitive advantage.

  • Relationships play a crucial role in the wine industry and have been instrumental in Agent Cru's journey. Building relationships with empathy and validation can create a positive impression and foster long-term connections.

  • Taking a non-transactional attitude and investing in relationships can lead to future success.

  • Making proactive deposits and adding value to relationships can create trust and open doors for opportunities.

  • Recognizing limitations and leveraging talent can lead to better outcomes in business and design.

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