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The SEO Playbook: Building Human-Driven Content in the Age of AI with Maddy Osman

Maddy Osman, founder and CEO of the Blogsmith, shares her journey from teaching herself web design to becoming a successful content marketer. She emphasizes the importance of early influences and exposure to different marketing areas in shaping her entrepreneurial path. Maddy highlights the value of sales skills and the role they played in starting her own business. She also discusses the significance of building a repeatable process and leveraging her sales experience. Maddy provides insights into the state of SEO and content marketing, emphasizing the need for unique and human-focused content. In this conversation, Maddy Osman discusses the impact of AI on content quality and the importance of maintaining a human touch in content creation. She emphasizes that while AI can be a useful tool, it should not be the sole focus of the content creation process. Maddy also shares the steps to successful content strategy and execution, including keyword research, topic generation, and consulting with experts. She highlights the role of visual art direction and the value of editing and fact-checking in content creation. Finally, she provides information on where to get help with content creation.


  • Early influences and exposure to different marketing areas can shape an entrepreneurial journey.

  • Sales skills are crucial for starting a business and building a client base.

  • Building a repeatable process and leveraging sales experience are key to scaling a business.

  • SEO and content marketing require unique and human-focused content.

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