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Tech Sales to Real Estate Investor: Connor Cushman on Building Leverage in Real Estate

This podcast episode features a conversation between the host, Spencer Lowe, and real estate investor, Connor Cushman. They discuss the importance of sound financial management in real estate investing. Connor also shares his insights from his transition from tech to real estate, the influence of the "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" book on his investment approach, and his strategy of converting personal homes into rentals. He emphasizes creating financial cushion to survive market changes and warns against over-leveraging properties, advising to always have reserve funds. The conversation also covers the importance of balancing success-oriented relationships with ones not based on competition.


● The importance of leverage in real estate investment

● Connor’s decision to move back to Georgia during the COVID-19 pandemic to build his business

● The strategy and the idea behind "house waking"

● The transition from working at LinkedIn to building a real estate portfolio and sales business

● How the COVID-19 pandemic presented opportunities for Connor and his family to build their business

● How he was able to profit from his first real estate deal

● The timeline and lending guidelines for house waking

● The type of loan affects the investment strategy

● How fear of financial failure influenced him

● The practice of securing home equity lines of credit and managing risk properly

● The dangers of overleveraging and the risks it poses to real estate investment

● The best use of our time as a litmus test for aligning our actions with our desired state of happiness and purpose

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