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Leveraging your strengths: Micah Lorenc shares how your strengths are the key to achieving more and

Micah Lorenc, an entrepreneur who moved from corporate roles to establish his own company, discusses leveraging personal talents and others' skills for success. He covers his career journey, including his 40 by 40 list and personal achievements, and his move into entrepreneurship with Tailored Consulting and CultureLab. He explores different types of leverage, discussing how it can amplify both success and failure.


  • The concept of talent leverage for personal and professional growth

  • Differentiation between doing what you love and doing what gives an output

  • The resistance to learning about leverage and how starting his company changed his perspective

  • The concept of the growth imperative in leveraging labor

  • Importance of timing when using leverage

  • Personal account of setback in financial leverage due to poor timing in cryptocurrency investment

  • Potential uses of AI in businesses

  • Advice on how businesses can incorporate and capitalize on AI

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