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How To Set Up Financial Systems with Dan and Kay Ockey

Spencer Lowe interviews Dan and Kay Ockey, founders of Centsei, a financial coaching company. The couple reflects on their early marriage struggles due to financial issues, which pushed them to learn about personal finance, eliminate their $20,000 debt within six months, and set up financial systems. Through Centsei, they have since empowered over 1400 individuals and couples to achieve financial peace. They also discuss the unique dynamics, challenges and rewards of running a business as a married couple. Lastly, they share advice they would tell their younger selves, focusing on taking a long-term perspective, being open to ask for help, and the significance of financial order in personal empowerment and leverage.


  • Dramatic progress in Dan and Kay Ockey’s financial lives, reducing debt and building an emergency fund in a relatively short time period

  • Experiences of personal financial struggles, especially in the early stages of their marriage

  • Their propensity towards financial leverage which led to growing personal debt and financial conflict in their marriage

  • Moving from acting strictly from personal beliefs to seeking assistance from a third party

  • The importance of systems, effort, and resilience in turning around financial struggles

  • The role of large effort in their success, the importance of learning from trial and error, and tweaking their systems to improve along the way

  • Their experiences as a married couple working on the same business

  • The challenges of shared entrepreneurial pursuits, and lessons learned from their experiences

  • The societal pressures and expectations given to women regarding work-life balance

  • Aim for their clients to find a good financial foundation and financial peace

  • Limitations of technology and the importance of behavior and habits in financial management

  • How AI can accelerate the process but cannot change core behaviors or habits

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