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How Danny Leonard’s Company Leverages AI to Streamline the Job Search Process

Spencer Lowe interviews Danny Leonard, Ramped's co-founder, who discusses his career journey and how his company leverages AI to streamline the job search process. He advises focusing on essential inputs rather than getting fixated on goals, and investing in professional relationships. Ramped provides free tools for job seekers like an AI-powered cover letter writer, helping candidates stand out. Danny also discusses the future of AI, refuting the idea it will replace human jobs. Instead, he sees AI introducing efficiencies and fostering innovation.



  • The problem that led Danny to start his current company due to personal experiences and the challenges faced in job search

  • Danny's journey into leadership roles and how he transitioned from leading by example to coaching and mentoring his team

  • Importance of asking better questions as a leader and making decisions based on the answers to these questions

  • The loneliness that comes with leadership, and how it can be more difficult to find models to follow and learn from as one moves up in leadership roles

  • The challenges faced as an entrepreneur, dealing with constant setbacks, and learning to embrace daily challenges

  • The core problems Ramped is trying to solve

  • Importance of standing out during job interviews

  • Creating a more seamless job-seeking experience using AI, predicting a future where job seekers can find jobs they are guaranteed to fit in, with employers who have already expressed interest

  • The importance of investing time and energy in people, maintaining good relationships with coworkers, superiors, and employees for a positive and supportive network

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