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From Firefighting to Startups: Journey through Challenges and Change with Clive Savacool

Clive Savacool, a former fire chief, shares his experiences and insights on emergency services and entrepreneurship. He discusses the importance of pre-planning, communication, and coordination with stakeholders in emergency situations. Clive also emphasizes the need for individuals and businesses to be prepared for unexpected events and to have a plan in place. He shares his personal journey of transitioning from public service to entrepreneurship and highlights the value of investing in relationships and building a strong team. In this conversation, Clive Savacool discusses the importance of building skills and experience, the impact of AI on leverage, and the potential of AI analytics for actionable operations. He also highlights the use of AI in improving community treatment and the value of proprietary data and processes in capitalizing on AI. Clive shares his final wisdom on enjoying the journey and embracing hard work. He concludes by inviting listeners to support LogRx and the Karma Project in addressing the challenges of opioid abuse and homelessness.


  • Pre-planning, partnerships, and acting early are key factors in successfully managing emergency situations.

  • Effective communication and coordination with stakeholders are crucial in emergency response.

  • Being prepared for unexpected events is essential for individuals and businesses.

  • Investing in relationships and building a strong team are important for success in entrepreneurship.

  • Bridging generational gaps in high-pressure environments and the urgent need for improved community alert systems.

  • Promising role of AI in boosting operational efficiency and solving complex societal issues.

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