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Decoding Life Lessons: Cryptology, Special Ops, and New Frontiers with J.L. Hancock

Jim (a.k.a. J.L. Hancock), a former military cryptologist and special operations member, shares his journey and the lessons he learned along the way. From his upbringing in Albuquerque to his martial arts training, Jim's experiences shaped his mindset and approach to life. He discusses the importance of being an egotist, finding innovative solutions within a bureaucratic system, and measuring success in unconventional ways. Jim's transition to post-military life led him to writing fiction, where he continues to apply his unique perspective and experiences. In this conversation, J.L. Hancock discusses his journey as an author and the motivations behind his book. He explains how writing fiction allows him to explore his ideas and visions of the future. Hancock also shares his thoughts on the potential impact of AI and robotics, highlighting the automation of tedious and dangerous tasks as an exciting development. However, he expresses concerns about the manipulation of information and the proliferation of disinformation through social media. He emphasizes the importance of discipline and moderation in using technology and suggests that parents play a crucial role in teaching the next generation to control their minds and make conscious choices.


  • Adversity can be a catalyst for growth and learning new skills.

  • Innovation often requires challenging the status quo and thinking outside the box.

  • Success should be measured by the impact and value created, not just by traditional metrics.

  • Balancing short-term promotions with long-term personal and professional growth is essential. Writing fiction allows for the exploration of ideas and visions of the future.

  • AI and robotics have the potential to automate tedious and dangerous tasks, improving efficiency and safety.

  • The manipulation of information and the spread of disinformation through social media are concerning issues.

  • Discipline and moderation are essential in using technology, and parents play a crucial role in teaching the next generation to control their minds.

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