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Sold an Agency for $17m: Travis Chambers on Breaking Rules and Learning Leverage

Entrepreneur Travis Chambers shares about his journey from entrepreneurship to financial leverage following the sale of his company, Chamber Media. While he thrived in the entrepreneurial space and notably in viral marketing, he acknowledged the challenges faced in managing and deploying the $6.5 million earned from the sale, revealing a knowledge gap in understanding asset deployment. He emphasizes that continuous learning is key, as each area of business leverage requires a different skillset. While Travis recognizes his success resulting from recklessness and rule-breaking, he emphasized the importance of distinguishing when recklessness is a constructive form of leverage, or a potential liability.


  • Travis shares his early entrepreneurial endeavors during college, like starting a painting company and organizing events

  • How they secured their first client after running out of their initial funds

  • Realization of his skills as a media hacker and his fascination with Ryan Holiday’s work in media manipulation and rule-breaking strategies

  • How he learnt his PR skills during college and the impact of Crispin Porter

  • Theory about Taylor Swift’s PR campaign to change Google search results associated with her private jet usage

  • The evolution of viral marketing and its decline due to changes in social media algorithms

  • How his Forbes 30 under 30 recognition came from seeking out influential people to support his nomination

  • His frustration at not being recognized for his role in the Kobe project and how this prompted him to write a LinkedIn post about his involvement.

  • Potential lawsuit from his former employer over his LinkedIn post sharing insider information about the Kobe and Messi campaign

  • The concept of leverage and how he was unable to utilize leverage while being an employee

  • His poor asset allocation decisions after his company’s sale, which left him with a significant financial windfall but no income

  • The problems he encountered with finance due to his inability then to leverage his financial position

  • Reflecting on his recklessness, he questions the ROI of his approach and outlines how it can sometimes be an asset while other times a liability

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