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Overcoming Hardships Early in Life to Build an Empire with Jermane Cheathem

This podcast features Jermane Cheathem, founder of Creators Learn, who shares his life experiences, entrepreneurship strategies, and coping mechanisms for anxiety and fear. Raised in a tough environment, Jermane unfolded his ability to withstand future adversities and developed a realization of being the creator of his destiny. His success in sales came from partnerships with people who already had trustful relationships with potential customers. This strategy significantly increased his efficiency and income.  To combat anxiety, Jermane suggests tackling daunting tasks right at the day's start, thereby leaving no room for resistance build-up. 


  • Learning from life experiences and combining it with logic to make the best decisions

  • Finding 'Most Valuable Partners' who already have relationships with your ideal customer base as a key to business success

  • How Jermane focuses on establishing partnerships

  • How confidence is built by following through on actions or responsibilities

  • His decision to leave a comfortable sales job for entrepreneurship to gain ownership of his time and results

  • The importance of execution when it comes to obtaining freedoms

  • The importance of tackling the hard tasks first to reduce mental resistance

  • How you can start to go out and execute on hardship rather than postponing them

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