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Navigating Entrepreneurship and Customer Engagement in Tech with Terrence Bennett

Terence Bennett shares his journey from the military to tech, highlighting the importance of systems thinking, problem-solving, and building empathy. He discusses the value of taking unconventional paths and prioritizing skills and relationships over salary. Terence shares his experience landing a job at Google and the lessons he learned from transitioning out of the military. He also discusses the importance of developing messaging and positioning in the market and gathering customer insights and feedback. In this conversation, Terence shares insights on collecting customer feedback, high leverage skills for career development, the importance of customer insights, and the impact of AI on the industry.


  • Develop systems thinking and problem-solving skills to excel in tech.

  • Build empathy and effective communication skills to work well with diverse teams.

  • Take unconventional paths and prioritize skills and relationships over salary.

  • Focus on developing messaging and positioning in the market and gather customer insights and feedback. Collecting customer feedback is crucial for understanding expansion opportunities and gaining valuable insights.

  • High leverage skills, such as iterating on messaging and product development, can greatly enhance career growth.

  • Engaging with customers and understanding their needs is essential for success in business.

  • AI presents both challenges and opportunities, and staying informed and adaptable is key to navigating its impact.

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