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Jonathan Pritchard on the Psychology of Magic and Design Thinking

In this podcast episode, host Spencer Lowe interviewed mentalist Jonathan Pritchard about his career and how he transitioned from magic and performing to authorship and business consultancy. Jonathan emphasized the importance of mindset, curiosity, and embracing challenges for personal growth. He discussed how he uses AI as a tool, dictated by the user’s imagination and strategy. They also discussed resources and Jonathan’s daily insights that are available on his website,


  • Jonathan’s career history, including his successful consulting companies and appearances on America’s Got Talent

  • Focus on communication and persuasion in high-stake scenarios

  • How mentalism can be a powerful tool in the business world

  • The significance of social interaction

  • How changing perspective can improve both business and personal life

  • The fallacy of a universal emotional language

  • The issue of laziness, linking lack of curiosity to a lack of care

  • His enduring interest in the problems and challenges associated with mentalism

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and how it is a tool rather than a threat

  • Jonathan’s love for card tricks and refining his skills to appear as a novice card handler to detract attention from his abilities

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