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From Corporate America to Entrepreneurship with Mike Kelly

Spencer Lowe interviews Mike Kelly who shares his insights about success strategies through his journey from corporate America to entrepreneurship. He highlighted the importance of constant learning, goal-setting, overcoming failure, financial planning, and shifting mindsets. Considered a multi-faceted professional, his experiences span operations, HR, sales, finance, and project management. Mike stressed the importance of visualization, accountability, consistent planning, and purposeful-ness in achieving success. He detailed his struggle with severe stress leading to a health warning, which forced him to reassess his life, solidifying the importance of a balanced approach to life and work.


  • The popular notion of entrepreneurship as an 'all or nothing' journey

  • The financial realities of working at a big company and having high value skills in case of being let go

  • Careers at big corporate companies being perceived as a 'safe path' and the hard reality of job loss 

  • Recognizing the value of time as a nonrenewable resource and creating a life vision

  • The practice of setting SMART goals and thinking of potential obstacles and solutions upfront

  • Setting planning rituals with respect to time frames, such as daily, weekly, and monthly planning

  • Setting and writing down goals to be in the top 5% of performance in any field

  • His experience joining a weekly meeting group that helped hold him accountable and led to personal growth

  • The value of probing questions in coaching to open up a client's thinking

  • Struggles and setbacks throughout his journey

  • How leaders can develop a personal mission statement as it is crucial for setting goals

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This episode has lots of takeaways. It has lots of powerful message that is very impacting especially to folks who works in a corporate setup

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