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COO + Entrepreneur Jace Mattinson Uses Leverage to Buy + Sell Businesses

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Jace Mattinson joins us in a wide ranging interview that explores his journey from a college graduate in accounting, to becoming COO of a company doing over half a billion dollars in annual revenue. He shares key learnings from his life that taught him how to use leverage, how he developed high value mentor relationships, and tools he uses right now to get the most out of his time.

Jace is the COO of Nation's Best Holdings, a private firm rolling up lumber and hardware companies across the US. He also owns several real estate holdings, owns and operates multiple food and dessert franchises, and founded and hosts the Millionaire's Unveiled podcast.


  • Engaging with diverse entrepreneurs and learning from their unique perspectives.

  • Being exposed to a different world of real estate auctions and networking with successful people.

  • Getting involved in masterminds and networking groups.

  • The positive impacts that networking and mastermind groups have had on his career and mindset.

  • Insights on financial leverage and using it creatively in business buying.

  • Seller financing as a form of leverage.

  • Real-life examples of leveraging in marriage, operations, and media.

  • Identifying trends in choosing courses and events to invest time and money in.

  • The power of personal investment in relationships, showing care and giving time.

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