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CMO to Community Builder: Using Leverage to Make a Real Difference with Paul Shin

In this episode, host Spencer Lowe interviewed Paul Shin, who shares his journey from being the CMO of Incorporate Massage to co-founding Tacos Together. They discuss the balance between relationships and business transactions. Paul recalls his challenging life from a demanding job that had him frequently traveling and under constant stress, leading to personal and professional crises.

His realization of the importance of human connection led to a networking event over tacos that unexpectedly became a larger community initiative, Tacos Together. The community, centered around human connections over transactions, led to bettering people’s lives by enhancing personal relationships and job prospects, even helping those struggling with mental health. This journey greatly influenced his measures of success, drawing him away from monetary and power-based ones to prioritizing human connection.


  • The fallacy of achieving happiness through financial success

  • The reality of building wealth over time and the potential dark side of success

  • Impact of Tacos Together and the power of relationship leverage

  • Giving back and making a difference in the lives of others, for example helping children’s wishes come true through the Make-A-Wish Foundation

  • The fundamental switch from the pursuit of money and titles to giving and gratitude as sources of happiness

  • Leveraging LinkedIn for networking and building genuine relations

  • The significance of taking selfies with people met in person and its benefits on LinkedIn

  • The negative impact of ‘flip transition’ statements

  • Avoiding the pressure of getting something out of networking and focusing on meeting people more genuinely

  • How technology might be creating more disingenuous and transactional type relationships leading to unhappiness

  • Why individuals still need to build and nurture those relationships personally

  • The power of a community and the potential of collective efforts to make significant changes

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