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Broke Painter to Rocket Science: Alex Mangum on Leveraging the Military, Education, and Crypto

The podcast episode traces Alex Mangum's life journey from being a young father, through his military service, to his career as an aerospace engineer and a cryptocurrency expert. Alex used the support from his wife and family to navigate through becoming a parent at an early age. Needing financial stability, he joined the Coast Guard, a decision influenced by his wife. Over 10 years, he made the most of the opportunities in the military, including gaining higher education, leading to his shift into the Air Force. Alongside his military service, he worked at an aviation company and pursued courses related to his passion for aviation. Currently, he works with Moontax, a company assisting clients with cryptocurrency trading and taxes. His current interest lies in expanding his work at Moontax to guide more people through the complexities of cryptocurrency taxes.


● Alex's journey from being a young father to joining the military

● The pivotal decision to join the military, specifically the Coast Guard

● Realizing the need for a career shift within the military from aspiring to be a rescue swimmer to becoming a basic air crewman and then a flight mechanic

● The educational opportunities and benefits within the military

● How Alex constantly seized opportunities for additional training throughout his 10-years in the Coast Guard

● Introduction to the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain through his network and the initiation of his journey into it

● Advice for taking professional backing and counsel to save tax expenses on cryptocurrency returns

● The importance of taking advice from elders and those with lived experiences to make important decisions

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