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A Transformative Journey Centered Around Self-discipline, Mindset shift, and Lifestyle Habits with Diana Chaloux LaCerte

Spencer Lowe interviews Diana Chaloux LaCerte, a fitness athlete and entrepreneur, discussing her transformative journey centered around self-discipline, mindset shift, and lifestyle habits. She stresses the power of internal narratives in personal growth and shares her journey from adopting a disciplined lifestyle and nutrition in 2005, eventually leading to fitness success. Diana also emphasizes the role of combining exercise with proper nutrition and hormonal health in personal transformation. 

In the context of AI, Diana sees it as a positive disruption that could take over impersonal tasks, leaving room for deeper human connections - a key aspect of the SoulFit approach combining faith, fitness, and fortitude. She advises finding a mentor for guided growth, regular self-evaluation, and overcoming limiting beliefs. 



  • Diana’s own transformation journey and the importance of mindset changes in achieving goals

  • The importance of harnessing the power of mindset, not only in fitness, but in all aspects of life

  • Significance of diet and proper nutrition to body transformation, along with regular exercise

  • The value of hormonal health and the role it plays in physical and overall well-being

  • The emotional aspect of unhealthy eating and using food as a coping mechanism for emotional needs and loneliness

  • Understanding Diana's business journey

  • The implications of artificial intelligence on businesses

  • Diana’s advice for individuals starting their fitness journey, the importance of having a coach, evaluating social circles, and consciously shaping thought patterns and belief systems to overcome limitations and achieve growth

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1 Comment

How hormones truly affect weight gain and taking advantage of supplements to balance everything and maximize my body's potential. This is truly a good episode.😍

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